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About Mothercraft

At Mothercraft, we strive to ensure that, regardless of where children begin in life, they are on a path to reach their full potential. Since 1931, we have been a leader in supporting healthy child development, working with our many community partners to meet the changing needs of families. We are committed to excellence, continually testing new concepts and ideas related to healthy child development. We are known for our ability to translate these critical research learnings into everything we do-from our high-quality child care and enrichment programs, to our services for children and families with special needs, and specialized training programs for child care providers and other professionals. Mothercraft values diversity and strives to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive.

Our Services

Whether you're a parent, studying early childhood education or another profession in the early child development field, we offer a range of programs and services to support you.

For Parents

We work closely with families to provide the supports they need, including:

  • childcare for children ages 6 months to 5 years
  • help in identifying and dealing with children who have special support needs
  • Early Intervention support for children who are at risk for developmental delays due to family mental health issues or substance abuse
  • enrichment programs for parents or caregivers and their children including music, reading to your child, and play groups for infants

For Child Care Providers and Other Professionals

If you are a student studying early childhood education or another profession in the child development field, we offer:

  • training of professionals who work with children and families (ECE, home-based childcare and post diploma courses)
  • early intervention support for children in at-risk environments
  • consultation, assessment and delivery of services for children with special needs
  • research and information dissemination through the Mothercraft College

Mothercraft is committed to providing quality, accessible programming and services. To view our Accessibility for Customer Service Policy, please click here.