Why Choose Mothercraft College of Early Childhood Education?

A Unique Educational Experience

  • Our one year ECE Diploma program combines research with applied practice at Mothercraft's Centres for Early Development, Early Intervention Programs, and the EarlyON Child and Family Centre as well as Internships at community child care centres, kindergartens and family arts centres.
  • Our 6 week block internship experiences provide students with a workplace advantage. Block internship experiences provide students with employment networking opportunities. Internship sites are selected for their outstanding programs and unique learning experience.
  • Woven throughout the program year, students are provided with opportunities to explore the profession of Early Childhood Education, enabling informed decisions regarding employment.
  • Our classroom sizes are small and bias-free, with experienced child development specialists teaching every course. • Our facilities have been designed to support a range of student needs. We are located in Toronto easily accessible by public transportation.
  • Students learn to welcome diversity and to foster positive relationships with each child and family in their care. Our enriched ECE diploma curriculum includes contributions from visiting faculty in early intervention, research, community health, Indigenous elders and experts from Toronto’s arts and science communities.
  • Our ECE diplomas fulfill the requirements for registration at the College of Early Childhood Educators and are recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, and the Ministry of Education.
  • Graduates also receive a Certificate in Infant Toddler Specialization, reflecting the enriched infancy curriculum offered at the Mothercraft College of Early Childhood Education.

Student Testimonials

"Mothercraft provided me with the skill and tools I required plus more, to make me a successful professional in my work with children. The program’s focus on inclusion and diversity really helped me to understand and provided me with the practical skills I needed to implement a diverse and inclusive program when I joined the ECE workforce. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable, responsive and supportive!"

~ Stefanie


"Mothercraft prepares you to observe a child, discover their uniqueness and lovingly guide them to their potential; all while being treated with respect and kindness. Here I learned what I needed to learn about Child Development, but I also learned how to learn. This helped me maximize my comprehension and retention of each class, enabling me to internalize learning goals more holistically. All of this prepared me for an amazing career that's full of smiles and hugs everyday!"

~ Class of 2006, Catherine Ciardulli RECE, Curriculum Coordinator, North Toronto Early Years Learning Centre


"As a graduate from over 20 years ago I can honestly say that my educational experience at Mothercraft College was an intense, informative and inspiring. Mothercraft prepared me for the many challenges of working with families and children in the early childhood education field.

I believe that the instructors, classes, expectations and assignments were a great launch into what to expect and how to be a professional in the field. The most amazing experience for me however was the three, six week intensive placements that really allowed me a good look into the profession and the opportunity to understand the interactions that are so important between caregivers and children.

In my capacity as a manager, my centre hosts many students from Mothercraft in their internships and I am consistently impressed with the quality of the students. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to acquire an ECE diploma."

~ Lisl McGuigan, Graduating Year of 1987


"I experienced Mothercraft as a college that has the well being of early development in children as a top priority. This priority is transferred to the students of the college from the day we start. I developed a thorough understanding and a deep appreciation for the importance of early childhood development. Each course, taught at the college by dedicated and well informed Course Directors gave insights to what is essential in children as they develop through each stage of their growth. I was trained at the college that the child is the primary focus and not the curriculum. This training bestowed in me not just knowledge but also compassion. The CHILD is important!

Through each activity, each program, each day, I see the child's well being, mental health and development. I therefore start each working day with the desire to be an essential part of that growth. This was instilled in me from the classroom, field work and one-on-one coaching of Mothercraft's devoted staff and teachers. I have confidence working as an Early Childhood Educator because I have the knowledge to provide the child with necessary programming and the compassion to follow it through."

~ Esther Tauhid


"I chose Mothercraft because they have a great, knowledgeable staff, who were incredibly helpful through the year. They were also able to relay the importance of full inclusion in all child care centers. Mothercraft focuses on an anti-bias curriculum, and this is emphasized in their work with aboriginal people of Ontario, which is taught in the classroom and also outside of the classroom."

~ Monika Wyprzal, 2010 ECE graduate

Continuing Education

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