CYSIS Functionality and Requirements
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CYSIS Functionality and Requirements

CYSIS Functionality

Some of the features of CYSIS include:

  • Extensive client and case management functions
  • Program and service participation management
  • Track and report data from multiple funding streams
  • Generate MCYS service data elements
  • Create and customize agency specific application areas and drop down menus
  • Users can request customized reports and data entry forms
  • Document manager that allows documents (e.g. consent forms) to be uploaded
  • Wait list management, calendar and scheduling functions
  • Administrative and multiple user level privileges
  • Compliance with security, privacy and threat risk assessments and legislation

CYSIS Platform and Requirements

  • Platform: CYSIS is built on the latest Microsoft technologies including ASP.NET, as well as a secure and reliable database SQL server
  • OS: Works on any operating system
  • Browser: Cross browser compatible
  • Internet: High-speed connection (static IP address is preferable but not required)
  • Resolution: 1024x768
  • User Interface Language: US English ([en-US])
  • Application: Adobe Reader 7.0
  • Other (optional): Document scanner(s) to scan and upload client consents and other forms